Baldersnäs is a traditional Manor

We combine the charm from the turn of the century and today's standard so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest. There is plenty of space for relaxation and inspiration. Fabulous common areas and dining rooms in original surroundings, paired with modern rooms, making Baldersnäs into something unique. You can choose to stay in the Manor house or our Wings overlooking Laxsjön.
We can, in both cases guarantee you a wonderful overnight stay!


Book your 72 Hour Cabin

The 72 Hour Cabin at Baldernäs Herrgård manor house and park offers a fantastic stay, delicious flavours and grand scenery. This is a beautiful natural environment in which to relax and enjoy a stay in one of the glass houses, surrounded by lakes and woodlands.
There are amenities close by and a restaurant near the park.

To the sound of silence, fall asleep peacefully to the quiet with the window slightly open

The magnificent nature, the English Park, beautiful common facilities and dining rooms in authentic surroundings, coupled with modern hotel rooms makes Baldersnas Manor something unique. The view of the park and the feel of the Manor makes your stay an experience to cherish.



In our new wings you sleep comfortably with door from the room to a common terrace and views over lake Laxsjön and the meadows. Rooms are decorated with stylish furniture from the Signera of Sweden collection.


Our rooms are inspiring and harmonious, furnished with touches from the turn of the century. Some of the rooms have original fireplaces. The view of the magnificent park is something you rarely see from other hotel windows.


The old farm office is  renovated in 2013. Here you live comfortably in good beds and share the common areas like a kitchenette, toilets and showers.


Stay at Dalslands Kanal, on the edge of  Laxsjön. Houses are built in 2016 with high standards and great views. Wake up to the sunrise and take a few steps down to Laxsjön for a morning swim, enjoy a breakfast on the  lovely spacious terrace and plan the day's outing.

Welcome to the table!


The surroundings of the mansion are reflects in the menu. With high ambition we ensure you the pleasureable taste and quality in every detail. Here you have the possibility to enjoy the evenings meny set by our Chef.